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Zodiacal House number : 12 Astrological House in opposition with Pisces : 6 Virgo Meaning of the House of Pisces : " we feel ", the unknown, religion, the spiritual quest, the trials, the hidden enemies, the unhappy decisions. In world astrology, the House of Pisces concerns the workplace but also hospitals, prisons, asylums, enemies and crimes of all kinds. Deeply intuitive, even mystical, the double and changeable personality of the native of the twelfth sign of the western zodiac gives him a clear-sighted and sentimental nature, but also a tendency to depression.

His utopian ideas, just like the little attraction Science has for him, are in perfect agreement with his strong religious and mystical bent. Sincere and devoted, sometimes indecisive and capricious, the native of the zodiac sign of Pisces often lack originality in his outlook on life. Anything water-related. Being in or near water truly makes them happy: swimming, sailing, fishing, surfing, even just walking on the beach. Neptune rules dance!

Pisceans, physically, often have very slinky bodies which seem to slip and glide along. Being witchy. This may manifest as simply binge-watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina a lot, or they may actually be the one giving you tarot readings, wafting sage over your bed and advising on crystals. Drawn to self expression which they alone can control vs having to navigate the rough'n'tumble of conversation! Pisceans always have a lot of observations and insights to share, they are poetic and lyrical too.

The Part-tay.

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I mean Rihanna is a Pisces, so you get the picture. The Water sign trio Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer all get on well with each other. They're all emotional, secretive and intuitive. Pisces is a very romantic sign. They love to be in love, and will devote themselves to their partner like no other sign except, maybe, Cancer Is this you Pisces? The hot tip for hot sex for Pisces is to find a Capricorn lover. This astrological combination is about the old story of "opposites attract".

Pisces' dreamy, creative and romantic nature meets the Goat's ambitious, stoic and ruthless side. Each is fascinated by the other and their contrasting energy means endless scope for role play, fantasy games and very imaginative sex adventures. In all, Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and therefore represents our best, and worst, traits.

Pisces Dates: February 19 to March 20

We all need a Pisces friend - they alone can truly understand us. For your own unique and personal tarot forecast, visit Kerry's TarotBella page. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Twitter reacts to the JVN cover. Lethabo Mokwena I have just found my twin. Ankita This described me perfectly. I am a doctor and absolutely imaginative and intuitive.

March 12 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

The impatient nature and impulsive expense are just so me. Gaurav Cool, i m a doctor too. May god bless us all. KFromthaKy March 12, Me exactly. Numan Same day Maria It's simply me Joy I cant agree more Lee Born on the 12th also Go figure! David I was born on the 12 of march and I love ma self.

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Khanya I feel revitalised and reborn. You have defined me and inspired me to keep on shining and believe in myself. It is so amazing how someone you never met knows the inner being in you. Thank you for those words. I find it had so to forgive myself and to let go of the past. You have given me medicine that has healed my soul and cured my broken heart. Thank you from all that I am. This is so me. Shivendra Juptier jupiter jupiter Lex Hey.

I was born Mar. I was born in NY. Where were you born? I also use to hide my feelings. Abhishek Chauhan [quote]Message from shailja singh mine is 12 march Shelbie Jacobs I was born March 12th also!

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Yume Kuran wow me too same year too. Cheryl In anger I realize something about myself has to change. I love God. I love the Rosary. I have not met my soul mate yet. I pray for my brothers' life to be good and for relatives and family life to be good including mine. Ikenna Pls would lik 2 meet u cn u pls send mi a txt wit ur number n dis ma own Your name:. I notice myself doing this often its crazy [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Adrian march 12th , wow this is so cool [Reply] [Cancel reply].

It is also so scary to see how many ppl share my bday [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Melinda This is who I am by far whoever did this horoscope was very accurate Keep up the good work [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Exact and precise this is really me [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Hunter we both share the same day march 12 Completely agree on the numerology reading [Reply] [Cancel reply].

Birthday Horoscope March 12th Pisces, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate March

Lethabo Mokwena I have just found my twin [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Gaurav Cool, i m a doctor too [Reply] [Cancel reply]. David I was born on the 12 of march and I love ma self [Reply] [Cancel reply]. This is so me [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Yume Kuran wow me too same year too [Reply] [Cancel reply].