Moon sign horoscope for capricorn

Capricorn tends to repress feelings, emotional needs, and the inner child who wants to play and to be taken care of. Capricorn often keeps an emotional distance and will not get emotionally involved. Frequently Capricorn seems impassive, unresponsive, or emotionally detached, and has a habit of taking life too seriously. Material security and success can become a substitute for emotional well-being and happiness. Scorpio, on the other hand, is intensely emotional, though very private and secretive about feelings. Scorpio is deep, complex, given to silent brooding, and often harbors unspoken feelings for a long time.

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Resentments, guilts, and secret fears can build up to tremendous proportions if not shared and released. Neither of you trusts others very readily and you are both afraid of being vulnerable or not in control. This can prevent you from opening up completely to one another. You are both capable of great depth, fidelity, and constancy in a relationship, and neither of you is superficial emotionally.

For this reason you can be harmonious together.

Your emotional needs and deeply ingrained attitudes toward life are somewhat at odds with each other. Capricorn is a sober realist who tends towards cynicism and pessimism at times. Feelings of self-doubt often limit what Capricorn is willing to aim for. Fears of poverty or financial ruin may drive Capricorn to work excessively also.

Highly responsible and conscientious, Capricorn tends to take life too seriously and puts business or duty before pleasure. Capricorn chooses a well-defined, secure, path over one that involves a lot of unknowns. Sagittarius needs to soar in some way either literally, intellectually, or spiritually while Capricorn needs to have both feet planted firmly on earth.

Also, Capricorn has good focus and concentration and the ability to persevere through difficult or dry periods, while Sagittarius is often impatient and flighty.

Sagittarius can be too lax, careless, and irresponsible at times. Capricorn is inclined to make a commitment in a relationship and wants a firm commitment in return, while Sagittarius shies away from anything that will restrict freedom of movement and self-expression too much. Both of you have a sober, realistic, and at times cynical or pessimistic attitude towards life.

Work, concrete accomplishment, and material assets give you a sense of security, and you can easily become too immersed in work-related responsibilities, neglecting your home life and your own needs for relaxation, play, and sustaining close emotional ties with others. Both of you are ambitious and you are often hard on yourselves if you do not achieve enough. Showing feelings of vulnerability, neediness, or sentimentality, even to those closest to you, does not come easily to you.

Prediction for Capricorn (Makar / मकर) moon sign : 2019

You can seem emotionally distant and inaccessible to others. You express caring more by being faithful and constant and doing something concrete like shouldering financial responsibilities for the people you love. Emotional caution, self-control, seriousness, and a tendency to expect and prepare for the worst are ingrained emotional habits of yours. Both of you would benefit by learning to trust, to laugh playfully, not cynically or ruefully , and to be kinder to yourselves.

Your emotional needs and deeply ingrained attitudes are often at odds. Aquarius has a very independent nature, and resists being dictated to by Authority, society, convention, or custom.

Makara Rasi October 9, Daily Horoscope Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn, on the other hand, cherishes tradition and is far more cautious about venturing into unknown territory or changing the standard, tried-and-true ways of doing things. Capricorn is conservative and respects the time-honored, proven ways. Even if Capricorn is philosophically liberal, emotionally there is a very cautious, conservative element that is disinclined to take risks in either emotional or spiritual ways.

Both of you can have difficulty letting your feelings and emotions flow. Aquarius intellectualizes rather than feels, and is often unaware of emotional needs in self or others. Capricorn also represses emotions and is afraid of being vulnerable or dependent. Pisces is very, very sensitive and responds emotionally and sympathetically to people while Capricorn is emotionally detached and often distant or inaccessible. Capricorn also ignores or downplays emotions in general, and has a rather serious, sober, no-nonsense attitude towards life. Pisces is a bit of a dreamer or drifter and is far less practical, organized, efficient, and ambitious about material matters than Capricorn is.

It's a sensitive sign and you do feel very strongly. You just don't show it unless you feel really secure with someone and safe, usually in private.

Capricorn Horoscope 2020 – Capricorn 2020 Horoscope Yearly Predictions

It certainly is not a weakness, Capricorn is actually a leadership sign, and I am sure you are a reliable and sensible person with a good head for business. The Leo Sun is warm and generous, that side of you should come out more. It's a loving sign, one who loves to entertain and be out with other people. The Sag rising is also a fire sign, so there is a lot of warm feeling here. And enough strength not to feel manipulated.

Having trouble emoting doesn't have to be so bad. Sometimes people are too quick to say they love you and that makes it less meaningful, doesn't it? Capricorn rules time, and so you sort of size people up and decide if they are worth your time before you try to get to know them better. I think you are attractive being a Leo, and Sag rising is the way others see you or your facade, and Sag doesn't judge others.

Try to express yourself a little more, you can do it. Or you will find someone with a more gentle emotional nature who is more like you. I am a college student in my 2nd year and I do not know which path to take that will truly lead me to what I want to do. Right now I am a Marketing Major.

Capricorn Moon Sign Daily/Today Horoscope Wednesday, 9th October, 12222

What do you think is the best path for me in college based on my astrological signs? Also, I noticed that I get into a depressive mood out of nowhere and I can hold myself back. How can I avoid my depressive moods? First of all, being a college student in your 2nd year and now being sure what path to take is not that unusual.

Most students I know change their majors about that time. But having Capricorn Sun and Moon and telling me you are a Marketing Major isn't a bad choice, Capricorns are best known for their business ability and organizational skills. Also for their ability to climb the corporate ladder.


So even if Marketing doesn't thrill you, I think some kind of business degree will benefit you in the end. The Capricorn Sun means you are a leader and attract others because they trust you and know they can rely on you.

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It's an ambitious sign and you do have goals, even if they aren't defined now, I believe you want to be an achiever. Capricorns are hard workers and sometimes ignore their emotional sides. The Capricorn Moon rules your feelings, and it is hard for you to express them. So you hold them in, even though you are an emotional person and care deeply about others. So it's hard to read you. Saturn rules Capricorn, and it's the karmic teacher.

That's what brings on the depressive moods, you take everything too seriously. Now, all your other planets are in zodiac signs too, so there's the info I don't have here, so I can't see all of what can help. But the Gemini Rising is a start. This is how others see you, the facade you wear. Geminis are witty, fun, outgoing and charming. So try acting more as your Gemini Ascendant dictates to you. Since friends see that fun you, hang around with them when you feel the blues coming on.

That's at least one way to avoid all that Capricorn from pulling you down. Also, Capricorns are successful.


Perhaps you need a better major where you would be happier. As I said, many people change their majors at this point. Maybe see a college counselor and discuss better where you want to be going, or where you see yourself in the future. You are resourceful and can go far. I've always been confused about astrology because I've felt like I don't fit in any of the templates. Can you give me any insight? Cancer people are very emotional, but that doesn't mean they always show that, they can be very reserved until people get to know them.

They love family and usually want to marry and have a family someday.