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And then there's Pisces, who can be attracted to Leo due to their artistic side. Pisces is also happy to watch Leo shine in the spotlight, which is something the sign craves. Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs, Damron says, so they may find an instant attraction to Virgo, who is also an earth sign.

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Taurus especially enjoys what the material world has to offer, and can find themselves attracted to Virgo, who is all about organizing it, Damron says. Capricorn also loves Virgo's ability create a sense of structure and safety. And then there is Pisces, who may fall for Virgo because they are on the opposite sides of the astrological chart, "thus creating a magnetic attraction between the signs," he says. Virgo's strong sense of reality can bring ethereal Pisces down to a earth, in a way they really appreciate. The folks most likely to fall for Libra are Taurus, Cancer, and Aquarius — but for entirely different reasons.

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Cancer is a very nurturing sign, and Libra likes to be nurtured. Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Taurus may find themselves wanting to spend lazy days together, with their comfort-loving counterpart. But then there's Aquarius, who is attracted to Libra for their secret appreciation of all things avant-garde.

As a sign that prefers not to rock the boat, Cancer admires "Scorpio's ability to confront and overcome the darker energies of life that they [ Pisces appreciates this, too, as well as Scorpio's mystery, Barretta says. As two "mystical" signs, they can truly understand each other.

As for Taurus, they fall on the opposite end of the astrological chart, and can find Scorpio attractive as a result.

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And Aquarius is the same way. Just like freedom-loving Sagittarius, they aren't ones to be tied down, which is why there's often an attraction — and mutual understanding — here. As for Pisces, they're drawn to Sagittarius for their ability to chat about the philosophical side of life.

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Pisces also loves freedom and, as Barretta says, often finds it refreshing to be with someone who despises routine just as much as they do. Cancer is also all about stability, which vibes well with Capricorn's strong desire to meet their goals.

Cancer 2020 love horoscope: Liberty doesn’t inspire everyone

There can be conflict and strife today as energies clash and interests are in opposition. Wait patiently for the right people to respond to your business or personal overtures. Agreements and deals are delayed or postponed. A vacation is in the planning stage. Colour silver.

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You can get stuck in a head-trip if you are not aware! Endless thoughts, ideas, dreams and plans in the mind, cloud your vision, emotional clarity and spiritual perception. It's time to be a master of your mind and not allow it to master and control you. Lucky number 6. Colour green. You are slow and steady in achieving professional goals and objectives that lead to further prosperity.

You maintain personal relationships with loving care. A trip overseas, however, may actualize with a bit of luck and good planning. Count your calories. Lucky number 3. Colour maroon. You can actualize long term goals if you start working on them now. You reflect emotionally in the other and feel fulfilled, as feelings are reciprocated.

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Sometimes friends become enemies and enemies become friends as the tide turns and attitudes change. Lucky number 1. Colour lotus pink.

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  • Travel and movement give you a sense of release and freedom from routines. What should I avoid? Cancer Love Compatibility Today 15th March The best relationship today: good relations are predicted with water signs like yours, especially Scorpio and Pisces. Also with Capricorn, Sagittarius and Gemini there is a good wave on your part. The most tense relationship: tension could arise with Leo or with Sagittarius. Your current compatibility: continue the good vibes with water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces where it is very high. If you are single: you must protect yourself sentimentally so as not to confuse an emotion with a feeling and act recklessly in love.

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