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From featuring locally-sourced products that support our neighbors, to holding classes that educate our members and shoppers, to sponsoring events that make Rochester a great place to live; building community is essential to our mission. Back to reality after a great holiday weekend! Good thing we got those fireworks in before all the rain! If you find yourself with some children to entertain, make sure to check out the booths below for some kid-friendly fun. If all of the plastic feels a little overwhelming, make sure to check out DK Toys.

DeWayne King has been hand-making wooden toys for over 20 years, and these beautifully crafted toys are safe, fun, and look great. Choose from a variety of cars, logging trucks, fire-trucks, planes, etc.

Red, White, & Blue

Ronda was inspired to start her booth when she saw what she felt like was a lack of fun options for smaller children to participate in at the market. You can see a testament to her success in all the princesses, sharks, and occasional Yodas walking by you downtown.

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Big Bang Boom bio sourced from bigbangboom. Our booth is located by the 1st Avenue band stage. Stop by after 5 pm on July 2nd and August 6th to spin the wheel and win a prize!

Charles Mayo years ago? RCTC first opened its doors to 17 students in September of Today we are the largest college in Rochester and celebrating years of serving generations of students from Rochester and around the world. Go Yellowjackets! We look forward to seeing you at Thursdays on First and 3rd! It's that time of year again-- the time of year when we celebrate the founding of our nation by driving to Wisconsin to load up on pyrotechnics.

There will be plenty to do for the 4th of July, but make sure to get the festivities off to a good start with this year's Red, White, and Blue Themed Thursday on July 2nd.

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Dust off those American flag bandanas and pull out your favorite red, white or blue tank top to show off your patriotic colors. Not only will there be a chance to show off your colors, but there will also be yard games presented by SCHEELS, so come ready to have fun! Zzest offers both a traditional vanilla creme brulee as well as the ginger and brown butter. And the best part is that Zzest preps the sugar on your creme brulee to order, which means that you get to watch them blow-torch your dessert! This cupcake is a dream. Moist, lemony, and not too sweet, with a swirl of sweet blueberry frosting on top.

Make sure you get to the cupcake booth before they sell out! In case you just want a nibble, they also come in adorable miniature sizes. Maybe this is crazy to say, because it seems like the whole point of fudge, but sometimes it can be overwhelmingly sweet. It was an excellent balance of rich chocolate, sweet caramel, and crunchy flecks of salt. I got this mostly out of curiosity. Was it ice cream? Was it pie? The answers are no, yes, and definitely yes. I split this cone with two friends and we all felt full.

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Definitely check it out, but bring someone to share it with! So sad about all that rain last week, right? First, a confession. When I was younger I used to dislike country music. The humor? Both Logan and Maiden Dixie have debuted or will debut their sophomore albums this year, and while they both belong somewhere in the realm of country, their different sounds and sensibilities make for a fun contrast. Well if you didn't, stop by this week for some great Father's Day Finds and the first ever Themed Thursday.

Michael Seiler is a smith by trade, but his love of music lead him to making guitar picks out of semi-precious stones like Jasper and moss agate about 2 years ago.

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Dan of DLF has been making custom fishing rods for 17 years. He also does custom engraving. When Ms. She sells a wide variety of jams, jellies, pickles, and salsa.

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I sampled her Bloody Mary pickle everything but the vodka and the worcestershire sauce which was crispy and delicious. Originating in Central and South America, these plants grow in harsh environments and, instead of rooting in the soil, they get all the nutrients they need from air and water. At Turned Write, you can get dad elegant writing tool for a reasonable price. These multi-hued pens are all hand-turned and each one is made free form. With creative handles in a variety of woods and metals and easily refillable , these pens wouldmake a beautiful gift.

As a final note, this week is our first Themed Thursday! It's been getting lots of attention over the past few days at these past locations click here. Love supporting Rochester non-profit groups? Want to take a selfie with the giant RedBall? Check out this page for a full listing of themes and how to plan accordingly! Well, things have gotten a lot bigger in recent years, especially the music scene. Your favorite hand-made soaps, big cookies, henna tattoos, and ceramics will be back this year! Make sure to stop by, chow down, get dyed, and stock up before the summer turns into fall. Whatever you love about Thursdays on First, relish it while it lasts.

And new this year, and a welcome one, is the online interactive vendor map. It allows you to see where your favorite vendors are as well as some new ones that we all can't wait to visit! It can be so easy to fall into comfortable habits, so make the most out of your time downtown by trying a new food, a new band, or a new product. Who knew you loved gyros that much? Now you do.

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Go outside your comfort zone and get to know a new vendor, band, or restaurant. Sometimes serendipity is the best guide and we'll have fun ideas for how to do that on our blog. From the bandstand to the baklava, I've got you covered.


Click to listen. KTTC — It's about this point in the winter when we start to get a little bit of cabin fever and it's tough to imagine that we're more than halfway to the return of summer. Fast forward days from Thursday, and thousands will be flocking to downtown Rochester for the first Thursdays on First and Third of the year. To go outside without a coat! But now, in the dead of winter, almost every Thursday is spent above or below 1st Avenue in the skyways and subways.

The vibrant outdoor pulse of Rochester is now either huddled indoors or bundled up under layers of scarves. They originally met one another twenty years ago while working at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The two went their separate ways, but met again 18 y ears later at the downtown event. The couple started dating and eventually got engaged. They decided to m a rry and wanted to celebrate with the community where it all started. Surrounded by nearly 60 wedding guests and hundre ds of event attendees, the couple felt it was meaningful to have the community as a part of their ceremony.

The Rochester Downtown Alliance staff was thrilled when the couple inquired about the possibility of holding their wedding ceremony during Thursdays on First. The ceremony was well received by all who attended and cr eated a memorable night for all. We have had two Thursdays on First so far, and these two events have been more opposite than I can adequately describe.

Fire and ice? Honey and vinegar? Harry Potter and Twilight? All similes fall short of the magnitude of contrast needed to bring this point home.