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All schools must provide for the admission of children from the September following their 4th birthday. Apply for a primary school place.

You have the right to start your child at school on a full time basis from the September following their 4th birthday, providing they have been allocated a school place. While schools are free to suggest a preferred induction process, parents retain the right to formally request that the school provide a full term schedule for their child from the beginning of the school year. Your child may also start part time later in the school year, but not beyond the beginning of the term after they turn 5.

If you plan to defer your child's start date until later in the school year, you must still apply at the usual time for primary or infant school places. Children born between 1 April and 31 August are sometimes referred to as summer born children.

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They have the same right to defer entry as any other child. This means they must start school at the beginning of the April term if they wish to keep their offer. Where parents wish for their summer born child to defer entry until the start of Year 1, they must refuse their offered place, which may be offered to a different child, and then reapply through the In Year process during the last month of reception year. For your child to start reception year in the following September, a full year after they were first entitled to start, you will need agreement from the admissions authority of the school.

This is because a new application for a later admissions round would be needed for your child to be considered for a place to be taught outside of their age group and with a younger group of children.

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The admissions authority will make its decision taking into account the school admissions code and the advice of the headteacher. But, while it might have been good enough for Jesus, Christmas Day itself, by contrast, is the least popular day of the year for births. Overall September 26 emerges as the most common birthday for people born in England and Wales over the last two decades. It falls 39 weeks and two days after Christmas Day, meaning that a significant proportion of those born on that day will have been conceived on Christmas itself.

Eight of the 10 top dates of birth are also towards the end of September, with the remaining two falling at the start of October suggesting that Christmas goodwill could fuel an annual spike in autumn births. The ONS added that for some families, the pattern of births could be driven by more than just festive indulgence. Interactive: Average daily births.

A series of studies have suggested that September babies, who are the oldest in their year group, are more likely to get top grades, perform well in sport and go on to have successful careers than their younger classmates.

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Previous analysis of birth records has suggested a link to the weather with cold snaps in January and February in some years being followed nine months later by temporary spikes in births in October and November. Then a second one - the public celebration - on the second Saturday of June. So why two birthdays for the Queen and how does she celebrate them?

Art Now: Sophie Calle: The Birthday Ceremony – Exhibition at Tate Britain | Tate

In the past, official celebrations to mark a King or Queen's birthday in the UK have been held on a day that isn't their actual birthday. The double birthday tradition was started more than years ago by King George II in He was born in November, which is not known in the UK for its good weather. But King George wanted it to be possible to have a big public celebration - and November wasn't the time do it. So, given that his actually birthday wouldn't be a good time of year for a birthday parade, he decided to combine it with an annual military parade in the summer, when the weather would hopefully be nice.

And so this is where the tradition of an official, public summer birthday for the monarch began!

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The Queen usually spends her actual birthday with her family, although there will be special gun salutes in London at midday to mark it. For her 'official' birthday' in June, the day is marked publicly with a big parade in London called Trooping the Colour. Trooping the Colour has marked the official birthday of the British monarch for over years.

Birthday cake

It will take place on Saturday 8 June in Over soldiers, horses and musicians take part in the event, so it's quite a spectacle! Lots of members of the public waving flags and wearing Union Jacks will fill the Mall outside Buckingham Palace to watch it. On the day, a big parade will start at the Queen's official residence - Buckingham Palace - before moving along the Mall to Horse Guards Parade at Whitehall, near to Downing Street, and then back again.